Text Marketing

  • 95% of all texts are read within 3 minutes. - Forbes
  • 75% of text recipients prefer to receive offers, sales and notices via text. - Forbes
  • Businesses that market through text messaging benefit with MORE SALES by reaching previously "paying customers" instantaneously with discounts and offers.   

How Text Message (aka SMS) Marketing Works

  • Cheaper than commercials, print advertisements, and direct mail.
  • Straight and too the point!
  • Easy, fast and effective (brings people to buy because of your offers).
  • Develops timely marketing campaigns (Seasonal sales like Valentine's Days, Mother's Day's and Christmas specials or for restaurants "Taco Tuesday Specials"  "Happy Hour Special 50% on all well drinks!").
  • Allows for Opt-in and Opt-out options.
  • Creates opportunities for new customers with pop-up invites when they visit your site, or point of sale campaigns.  Place fish bowl next to cash register with sign "Receive text discounts.  Please leave name and cell phone number!" 

Who Benefits
  • Restaurants / Bars
  • Organizations / Corporations / Churches
  • Entertainment
  • All retail
  • Health and Wellness
  • Dealerships
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Real Estate
  • Recruiting Companies

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Dominador "Domi" Tomate is a Bakersfield Business Coach, Consultant and Trainer.  With a long history in accounting, general management and marketing and sales, Domi has helped startup and established companies develop strategies for success.  Ask for a free pre-assessment consultation today.